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Ruinsmagus: Complete Weaves Onto PSVR 2 Next Month


Ruinsmagus is the latest game jumping to PSVR 2, bundling the main game and DLC next month.

Released on Quest 2 and PC VR last year, Ruinsmagus is a fantasy RPG dungeon crawler. As a RUINSMAGUS Guild member, you're tasked with strengthening the guild across various story quests. As seen on PlayStation Store, Complete includes the ‘The Warrior and the Tailor’ DLC that adds the City Centre location and a side story focused on a mysterious swordsman, Schneider.

Evidenced by the store listing mentioning the English language dub, Ruinsmagus: Complete includes April's Remix Update, a patch that also remixed late-game dungeons. As for hardware upgrades, that listing mentions headset haptic feedback, adaptive trigger support, 3D audio and "updated vibration patterns."

We enjoyed Ruinsmagus in our review last year. We praised the visuals and considered it a “warm-hearted adventure," but criticized its repetitive gameplay.

“Ruinsmagus is a gorgeous game with a lot to love, but it’s a padded experience that quickly succumbs to repetition. While the combat itself is engaging, heading into the same set of ruins — often even the exact same rooms — to fight the same enemies for the 100th time soon wears thin, and more could have been done to switch up the experience over the course of its campaign.”

Ruinsmagus is available now on Quest 2 and PC VR, while the Complete edition reaches PSVR 2 on September 18.

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