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Ruinsmagus DLC Drops Today, Adds New Story Content And More

Ruinsmagus DLC Drops Today, Adds New Story Content And More

Detailed in a new trailer during the Upload VR Showcase Winter 2022, Ruinsmagus is getting a big update today on Quest 2 and PC VR, including new paid DLC content.

The paid DLC, titled ‘The Warrior and the Tailor’, adds a new explorable location, City Centre, where you’ll find a new side story focused on a mysterious enemy swordsman, Schneider. New costumes for Iris are also included in the update. You can see all of this in action in the new trailer below.

It doesn’t end there, as there’s also a free update launching today for the base game. You can now revisit old story quests through a Quest Board, letting you compete for higher scores. Meister’s Abyss adds a new dungeon with further challenges.

We enjoyed Ruinsmagus in our review earlier this year, calling it a “warm-hearted adventure.“ We praised the anime visuals but criticized its repetitive gameplay.

“Ruinsmagus is a gorgeous game with a lot to love, but it’s a padded experience that quickly succumbs to repetition. While the combat itself is engaging, heading into the same set of ruins — often even the exact same rooms — to fight the same enemies for the 100th time soon wears thin, and more could have been done to switch up the experience over the course of its campaign.”

Ruinsmagus’ latest free update goes live today on Quest 2 and PC VR alongside the paid DLC, which costs $5.99. CharacterBank confirmed the update and DLC are coming to Ruinsmagus on Pico “in the near future” as well.

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