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Risk Of Rain 2 Has A Full VR Mod With Motion Controls

Risk Of Rain 2 Has A Full VR Mod With Motion Controls

There’s been a lot of great VR mods for PC games lately, and Risk of Rain 2 is joining the list, with full motion control support.

The full 2.0 version of the mod from DrBibop was launched just a few days ago (thanks to Brian Tate for tipping us off). Unlike the new mods we checked out last week, which include Subnautica: Below Zero and Red Dead Redemption 2, this features full support for VR motion controllers. You can use them to aim weapons and more. Check it out in action in the trailer below.

Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike survival game originally developed by Hopoo Games and published by Borderlands developer Gearbox. In the standard game you team up with friends and fight off swarms of enemies you encounter on a hostile alien planet. The game features a range of different items and characters that can make each playthrough feel different.

The VR version of the game allows you to play with non-VR players, and also includes comfort options for snap turning and more.

You can download the public version of the mod here and DrBibop is also accepting donations and support over on Patreon. Risk of Rain 2 itself continues to be updated with new features and characters, so hopefully we can expect this mod to stay up to date with any new inclusions.

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