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Rinlo Is A New Third-Person VR Adventure Coming Soon

Rinlo Is A New Third-Person VR Adventure Coming Soon

Ven isn’t the only third-person VR adventure to keep an eye on in the coming months. London-based GuraShop just announced Rinlo.

This new VR-exclusive is heading to Early Access on Steam on June 23. You control Agatha, a young girl that sets out on a journey to discover her mysterious past. Set in a steampunk world, the game consists of puzzles to solves and enemies to defeat. Along the way you’ll meet a range of characters, too, as Agatha learns more about her destiny.

From the looks of it, players will navigate the world in third-person but also be able to switch to first-person for more precise interactions. It reminds us a little of recent games like Down The Rabbit Hole or, to go much further back, Wayward Sky. The game’s still played with tracked motion controllers rather than a gamepad, though.

At launch, Rinlo will feature the first four missions of its campaign. GuraShop says this will comprise most of the game’s mechanics. Over the course of Early Access, though, the developers will add new levels. The team aims to keep the game in pre-release for four to five months, with the hope of launching in full in either October or November 2020. No word on how many missions will be in the final product, though.

Rinlo will support Index, Rift and Vive on Steam. There’s no word yet on if a release on other platforms will follow once Early Access is over. Interested in learning more about the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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