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Richie's Plank Dev Building 'Much More Ambitious' VR Title For 2023

Richie's Plank Dev Building 'Much More Ambitious' VR Title For 2023

The developer behind staple VR game, Richie’s Plank Experience, says it’s working on a “much more ambitious and much bigger budget” title for 2023.

Toast VR tweeted as much in response to a conversation about the quality of VR games in the years to come.” Ourselves and others are working on much more ambitious and much bigger budget titles,” the studio wrote from the official Richie account. “Our next release will be late 2023.”

No other details about the project were shared and we couldn’t find any other information on the studio’s website at this time.

From the sounds of it, the success of Richie’s and the recent growth of the VR market have led Toast VR to be able to invest in its next title. Richie’s itself was much more of an experience than it was a game – it asked players to head to the top floor of a building and then walk out onto a plank dangling over the side of the street. You can even put a plank down in real life and mirror its measurements in-game to make the experience more immersive. Over the years it’s proved to be one of the definitive VR experiences to show people for the first time.

It’s interesting to think what Toast VR could be working on next, especially for a project as far out as late 2023. At that point we’ll likely have the new PS5 VR headset in our hands and we may even have seen future iterations of the Oculus Quest.

What do you think the team could be working on? Let us know in the comments below!


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