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Titanfall Dev Respawn's 'AAA' Oculus VR FPS To Appear At OC6

Titanfall Dev Respawn's 'AAA' Oculus VR FPS To Appear At OC6

We’ve been waiting for this one. Back at the fourth Oculus Connect developer conference in 2017 (!) we learned Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment was making an Oculus Studios game. At the time, Oculus gave a vague 2019 window for the game, but we’ve seen nothing from it since. Oculus and Respawn will finally break their silence at the just-announced Oculus Connect 6, though.

In a blog post announcing OC6, which we covered earlier today, Oculus said it will “share more info” about the game at the event. Oculus Connect takes place on September 25 and 26. We’d put money on information coming our way during the inevitable opening keynote on the first morning of the show. The post also reconfirms that the game will be an ‘AAA’ first-person shooter (FPS).

Other than that we really don’t know much about it. The 2017 teaser video didn’t feature any gameplay footage or even a name. Instead, it’s Respawn’s pedigree that’s kept fans longing for more. The studio was formed from developers that worked on some of the staple Call of Duty games like Modern Warfare. More recently, the team’s found critical success with the Titanfall games and achieved a battle royale hit with Apex Legends. This November it’s also releasing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. We do at least know this game isn’t Titanfall VR.

Back at E3 last week, we asked Oculus if the Respawn game would be coming to its new standalone headset, Quest. The company declined to comment, although we’re at least fairly sure it will appear on Rift and Rift S. As for if it will make that 2019 timeframe? That seems unlikely at this point, but fingers crossed all the same.

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