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Resolve On Oculus Quest Allows Teams To Review Huge BIM Files In VR

Resolve On Oculus Quest Allows Teams To Review Huge BIM Files In VR

A new meeting and collaboration app, Resolve, is available in Early Access for the Oculus Quest. The app is aimed at design and construction teams, allowing them to review models and designs on their projects while together in VR.

Resolve’s the big draw is it’s ability to display huge BIM (Building Information Modeling) files on the Oculus Quest system. The developers at InsiteVR suggest that other Quest apps offering similar functionality will “run at low frame-rates or even crash when handling similar model sizes.” Resolve can open any BIM file hosted on Autodesk BIM 360 Docs, with support for over 70 different file formats. According to tests run by InsiteVR, the app can handle up to 500 million polygons in one model.

To get a better idea of the app’s offering and what the experience looks like, you can check out the trailer embedded below.

Interestingly, Resolve is available exclusively for the Quest platform, with no PC VR equivalent. There is a PC companion app, but it’s only for non-VR participation if a team member doesn’t have access to a Quest but still wants to join a meeting.

Resolve is the latest of a few new social collaboration apps for enterprise appearing on the Oculus Quest system. In light of the ongoing global pandemic, many apps, like Spatial or Spaces, are offering solutions for better remote collaboration at a time where teams are stuck working from home.

InsiteVR is encouraging design and construction teams with access to Oculus Quest headsets to get in touch and request Early Access through the Resolve site.

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