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Demeo Dev Resolution Hopes To Support PSVR 2

Demeo Dev Resolution Hopes To Support PSVR 2

Demeo and Blaston developer Resolution Games hopes to support Sony’s PSVR 2 headset after a meager showing on the original PSVR.

Update: Just to clarify, an earlier version of this article had readers mistakenly thinking Resolution Games had officially announced PSVR 2 games. That’s not the case and the headline has been updated to reflect this. Apologies for the confusion.

CEO and founder Tommy Palm told UploadVR as much in an interview surrounding updates for Blaston today. “[We] loved to hear that and you’ve got a lot of people got very excited about it,” Palm said of the headset’s spec and name reveal from last week. “There’s always a lot of different opinions of course but, from our perspective, it’s great. It opens up a new player base, PlayStation has always been great at getting to a certain type of gamer that likes spending money on great games. So I think that will be a great addition to the ecosystem of VR.”

Asked if Resolution plans to support PSVR 2 with its titles going forward, Palm replied: “Absolutely. That’s something I hope to see even though I’m not officially announcing that at this point.”

He later added: “We’d like to support them more, now when they’re putting more power in.”

To date, Resolution Games has developed eight VR games itself including our 2021 Game of the Year, Demeo. But only one of those games, Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, ever made it onto PSVR. Resolution also published Carly and the Reaperman for Quest, but the PSVR version of the game wasn’t released by the studio.

Hopefully, then, we’ll see ports for the team’s best titles for Sony’s new headset. Certainly, we’d welcome PSVR 2 versions of Demeo, Blaston and Cook-Out, but the team also recently announced its latest game, Ultimechs, set to release in 2022.

“I think we wanted to do more for PlayStation VR, just it’s been incredibly busy and it felt like the controllers that they had on the PlayStation 4 were a little bit too different for it to be a really good fit to several of our titles,” Palm said on the lack of support.

Would you like to see Resolution Games titles on PSVR 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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