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Resident Evil 8 VR Mod Gameplay Shows Motion Controls

Resident Evil 8 VR Mod Gameplay Shows Motion Controls

Developer praydogs’ incredible work bringing Resident Evil games to VR continues, this time with a Resident Evil 8 VR mod.

This mod — which is still based on the developer’s work with the RE engine — has been coming for some time, but this is one of the first looks we’ve seen at it in action. It features full motion control support in first-person.

Resident Evil 8 VR Mod Gameplay Revealed

Naturally, the mod has some awkward quirks like control of your hands being taken away during cinematics and technical hitches, but it’s still pretty remarkable to see the game running in VR.

We’re still waiting on an official release for the mod, but praydog has already done incredible work bringing Resident Evil 2 and 3 to VR in first-person, and is working on bringing Resident Evil 7 to PC with motion control support too. Of course, 7 already supports Sony’s PSVR headset on PS4, but only with head-assisted aiming. We’ve still got our fingers crossed for full support for Resident Evil 8 when PSVR 2 officially arrives, too.

In other Resident Evil news, we know that Resident Evil 7 is also getting a PS5 port which, again, gives us hope we’ll be able to play it on Sony’s new headset in the future. We’re also waiting on the launch of the Mercenaries mode for Resident Evil 4 on Quest 2, which Meta promised will arrive in a free update releasing sometime this year.

There’s plenty of Resident Evil VR goodness on the way, then, but which games are you going to play and where?


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