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"It made me kinda sick" - Capcom Sums Up Resident Evil 7 VR Reactions in New Video

"It made me kinda sick" - Capcom Sums Up Resident Evil 7 VR Reactions in New Video

It still seems hard to believe that Resident Evil 7 will be a VR compatible game, but some people have actually played it, and they’re here to prove it.

Capcom has released a new video rounding up reactions to the game’s debut at E3 2016, where Resident Evil 7 was playable on PlayStation VR after being revealed at Sony’s press conference earlier in the week. As you might expect, there’s a lot of scared people warning you about just how frightening the demo is. There’s also plenty of clips of players with PS VR headsets on screaming and jumping, and even a word from Street Fighter‘s M. Bison. He liked it.

Perhaps most interestingly we hear from Paul Anderson, the director of the Resident Evil film series. He seems to be hugely impressed with the tech, and even noted that he’ll probably make a short film in VR next year as “practice” for maybe creating a feature-length piece later down the line.

Of course, the elephant in the room here is the infamous simulator sickness issues that many attendees experienced with the demo. In PS VR, Resident Evil 7 is still played with the DualShock 4, thus utilises stick-based locomotion. The disconnect between moving forward in VR while sitting on a chair in the real world helps to create this feeling. No one directly mentions this though, hilariously, one fan does note that the demo was “so scary” that it made him “kinda sick”. We’re sorry to tell you that’s more to do with your brain dealing with the contradictions of VR, not how terrifying the game is.

Still, there are comfort modes and other options that might help make Resident Evil 7 a much more accessible experience in VR, and we’re really hoping that Capcom will take advantage of these and make further optimisations to the game before its January 24th 2017 release. This game is as big an ambassador for VR as we’re going to get for some time, so it’s crucial that Capcom makes it a completely comfortable and considered piece.

PlayStation VR, meanwhile, releases on October 13th 2016.

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