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Resident Evil 7 Now Has Over 200,000 PSVR Users

Resident Evil 7 Now Has Over 200,000 PSVR Users

Back in January Capcom’s beloved survival horror series, Resident Evil, made a triumphant return with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The PS4 version of the game featured full support for the PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset, and the community appears to have embraced it quite readily.

By the start of February Resident Evil 7 had seen at least 100,000 PSVR users. We knew this thanks to Capcom’s, a stat-tracking site that users can opt into that, among other things, keeps track of how many players are experiencing the game in VR. Now, just over three months on from reaching the 100,000 milestone, the game has hit another: 200,000.

Resident Evil 7 Stats Update

Roughly 9% of players that opted into had experienced the game in VR by the time it surpassed the 100,000 mark. At the time of writing, that figure has now grown to 10.19%. That’s 207,061 VR users and 2,031,380 total users. Take note that not all of these users will have been on PS4; the site counts PC and Xbox One copies too, which makes the 10% figure all the more impressive.

A few weeks back, Capcom revealed that the game had sold 3.5 million units in total, so it’s likely that far more than 200,000 people have seen the game in PSVR too.

At the end of February Sony revealed that PSVR had sold 915,000 units to date, suggesting that a fair number of people that own the headset picked up Resident Evil 7. It’s not difficult to understand why; we awarded the game 9/10 upon launch, celebrating the series’ return to its scarier roots.

Currently we’re waiting on the arrival of some free story DLC for the game, though that was recently delayed into later 2017.

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