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First Ever Footage for Resident Evil 7 VR Prequel Kitchen Revealed

First Ever Footage for Resident Evil 7 VR Prequel Kitchen Revealed

Anyone following upcoming PlayStation VR horror title Resident Evil 7 biohazard will know that it was born out of a previous tech demo for the headset named Kitchen. Now footage of that demo has been captured for the first time ever.

Strangely, it was Kitchen and not the Resident Evil 7 demo itself that was on display at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con. What was new, however, was that attendees could capture footage of the demo for the first time ever. Kitchen was first revealed by Capcom at E3 2015 but on-screen footage of the game has never been captured in its entirety. The three minute video below, however, captures the whole thing, revealing some interesting insights.

For starters, Kitchen has some very close links to the Resident Evil 7 demo that launched during E3 2016, and was available to play in VR on the show floor. Some of the scene directly mirrors what was seen in the demo, specifically right at the end in which your character (a cameraman) and a TV host he was shooting for attempt to escape a seemingly haunted house they had been exploring. As the footage reveals, the escape doesn’t go quite to plan and things get rather creepy and very bloody in no time at all. The demo is very short, lasting just over three minutes in total.

Interestingly, Kitchen does use the position-tracked features of the DualShock 4 controller. The player has their hands bound, simulating the sensation of holding the gamepad with both of their real hands. They could reach out while holding the controller. It’s an interesting addition that we haven’t yet seen in the full Resident Evil 7 yet. It also begs the question: will those that buy the full game get to experience this brief teaser?

Still, we’re not quite sure why Capcom decided to showcase Kitchen and not the full Resident Evil 7 demo at Comic-Con this year. Perhaps it has something to do with the complaints of nausea that surfaced during E3?  Hopefully Capcom is doing its best to address those concerns before the game launches on January 24th 2016. While you wait, you can watch a few more people screaming their heads off while playing it.

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