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'Resident Evil 7' Dips Its Toes Into AR With New Snapchat Filter

'Resident Evil 7' Dips Its Toes Into AR With New Snapchat Filter

Today’s the big day for virtual reality horror fans, as Resident Evil 7 [Review: 9/10] finally goes on sale around the world, but before you catch it on PlayStation VR, you can experience the scares in augmented reality too.

The UK version of the ever-popular Snapchat app was recently updated to include a new filter taking inspiration from Capcom’s new title of terror. We’ve seen plenty of zombie faces for the platform over the years, but this filter makes you look like one of the new game’s deranged creatures that come after protagonist Ethan. It’s also viewed through a grimy video recorder lens, similar to the one seen in the Beginning Hour demo for the game.

It’s not exactly a true AR conversion of the anticipated horror game, not that we’re sure how that would even work, but it sure is a nice way to have fun with your friends and market premium products at the same time. Capcom’s other bizarre PR stunts for the game include a 4D VR candle that smells of blood and timber and a real life experience that puts you in a frighteningly realistic recreation of the home of the game’s family of antagonists, the deranged Bakers.

From today, though, you can get the full Resident Evil 7 experience from inside Sony’s PS VR on PlayStation 4. We posted one of the only VR-focused reviews of the game yesterday, where Games Editor David Jagneaux labelled it a “veritable modern classic” that “embraces virtual reality as a medium and proves that you don’t have to cut corners or make sacrifices to create a compelling VR experience.”

Before you go ahead and lay down that $60 for the game though, make sure to read our article on if playing it in VR is really a good idea for you. Full disclosure: it’s really, really scary and could make you motion sick.

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