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Watch: Incredible Resident Evil 2 VR Mod Has First-Person And Motion Controls

Watch: Incredible Resident Evil 2 VR Mod Has First-Person And Motion Controls

We’ve played the incredible Resident Evil 2 VR mod from praydog, with 10 minutes of gameplay below.

We first reported that the modder was working on VR integration for Capcom’s two recent remakes back in August. Work on Resident Evil 2 specifically has come along pretty far since then, so much so that we were able to get our first hands-on with the upcoming mod and play through some of the opening sequences in the game. Take a look below.

This mod gives you optional first-person support with motion controls (you can also play it in the standard third-person view with a controller). It’s not available to all just yet, but it’s coming soon and it’s really taking shape. It’s incredible to experience the game’s intricately detailed world in first-person, and shining the flashlight in VR feels great. The 2019 remake of the game is also one of the scarier entries in the series, and that definitely shines through here. Just take note that you’ll need a beefy PC to handle the strain.

The Resident Evil series is no stranger to VR, of course. Resident Evil 7 remains one of the best PSVR games to date and last month Capcom teamed with Meta to release Resident Evil 4 VR on the Oculus Quest 2, which we thought was great. We’ve also still got our fingers crossed that the recently-released Resident Evil 8 will also get VR support when the PS5 VR headset finally launches.

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