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Requisition Is Home Alone With Zombies On PC VR

Requisition Is Home Alone With Zombies On PC VR

Another day, another VR zombie game, but Requisition actually has some pretty interesting ideas.

Announced this week, Requisition is the latest title from Arcadia, the developer behind psychological VR experience, Hinge. It’s a VR survival game in which players fight off hordes of zombies using tools found in abandoned houses. Check out the trailer below for some examples of how that will work.

Requisition Trailer

Requisition seems to be about using what’s available to you to keep enemies at bay. Yes, there are guns and melee weapons, but the trailer also shows a player filling a toaster with metal cutlery and then pointing it in a zombie’s direction, or then sticking a plunger to the toaster for a heavy melee weapon.

It’s definitely an interesting idea that we’ll be interested to see fleshed out. Arcadia is planning to deliver both single and cooperative multiplayer modes for the game and aims to launch in early access on February 2022 for SteamVR. This version of the game will feature a short survival mode and a mode literally called ‘Home Alone’, but the full version is planned to have four game modes including Battle Royale and Raid. You can also expect new maps and more.

Will you be checking out Requisition? Let us know in the comments below!

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