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Republique Is Getting A PSVR Release Soon

Republique Is Getting A PSVR Release Soon

Mobile-turned-VR stealth game Republique is soon to drop on PSVR.

Developer Camouflaj recently announced Republique: Anniversary Edition, which will be dropping soon on Switch and PS4, with VR support for the latter platform. No other details have been confirmed just yet, save for the fact Limited Run Games will be doing a physical edition of the title too.

Republique was Camouflaj’s first game, and first released as an episodic series of stealth titles on mobile platforms. In 2018, Camouflaj brought the game to Oculus Go and Gear VR and then, a year later, it landed on Oculus Quest and PC VR too. This version of the game featured all the same content, retooled for VR.

Expect the PSVR edition to be a similar story, though it’s not confirmed if there will be any new content just yet. Camouflaj of course went to to develop Iron Man VR as a PSVR exclusive, and we’re hopeful to see more new games from the studio in the future, too.

Back when it launched in 2018, we said Republique VR offered fun, if simple VR sneaking. “Though VR doesn’t do too much to augment the experience, République remains the same engaging stealth adventure with the same highs and lows it’s always had,” we said. “This is simple, brain-teasing sneaking that encourages the player to experiment and take risks, though rarely takes its own advice on board to create something truly memorable.”

Will you be picking up Republique: Anniversary Edition? Let us know in the comments below.

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