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VR Stealth Game République Is Coming To Quest Next Month

VR Stealth Game République Is Coming To Quest Next Month

Oculus Quest already has plenty of Rift ports, but now it’s time for a sort-of Go port. Camouflaj’s mobile stealth game, Republique, is coming to the headset next month.

The game recently appeared for pre-order on the Quest store. It costs $14.99 and is coming on July 25. Though it started life as an episodic mobile game, Republique actually came to Oculus Go at launch last year.

The game is a third-person stealth experience. Playing as a young girl called Hope, you sneak through a tightly-guarded totalitarian state in search of the nation’s secrets. The game is viewed through security cameras, tapping into the idea of personal surveillance.

I quite liked the Go version of Republique. The pacing problems of the original game remain but its simple brain-teasing stealth is quite fun. One of my main complaints, though, was that Go’s motion controller wasn’t the ideal fit. With two analog sticks for the Quest controllers, that doesn’t seem like it will be a problem this time around.

It doesn’t look like this one will support cross-buy, though. Republique is $5 cheaper on Go, which suggests it’ll need to be bought separately. We’ve reached out to Camouflaj to confirm all the same. We’ve also asked if a Rift version is now on the cards.

This isn’t all Camouflaj is working on in VR, though. Earlier in the year the studio revealed Iron Man VR, which is being published by Sony and coming exclusively to PSVR. We’ve gone hands-on with the game and found it to be hugely promising.


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