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Report: Samsung Working On Wireless AR/VR Headset With Microsoft

Report: Samsung Working On Wireless AR/VR Headset With Microsoft

It sounds like Samsung is working on a new headset that will utilize both virtual and augmented reality technology.

That is according to the Korea Times, which cites a Samsung official familiar with the company’s plans. Apparently, this new headset is a premium, wireless device that is being made in partnership with Microsoft. If true, it sounds like this could be the next step in the pair’s work together in the headset space. Last year, Samsung released the Odyssey PC VR headset under Microsoft’s Windows-based ‘mixed reality’ banner, which was easily the best of the five headsets featured in that line.

This new device sounds like it could be using Microsoft’s reference designs not just for VR but also its HoloLens mixed reality headset too.

“VR was once tapped as the next hot technology,” Korea Times’ source apparently said. “However, despite sizable investment in it, the technology failed to resonate with consumers. Now, Samsung thinks the mixed reality market is a bit more promising than VR or AR in wider usability and adaptability. As we achieved in the ‘phoneblet’ market, Samsung has stronger intent in the consumer market with the firm’s new devices supporting mixed reality technology.”

The report notes that Samsung will debut this new device at the IFA trade show in Berlin this August. It was nearly a year ago now that we saw a prototype standalone VR headset from Samsung named the ExynosVR III. The device boasted a 4K display, eye-tracking and possibility even inside-out positional tracking. Could this rumored device be the consumer version of that prototype?

We’ve reached out to Samsung to ask after this report. We’ll let you know if we hear back.

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