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Report: Magic Leap Buys Game Developer FuzzyCube Software

Report: Magic Leap Buys Game Developer FuzzyCube Software

Despite supposed leaks and legal battles, mixed reality outlet Magic Leap’s  technology remains under wraps, but the company looks like it’s getting serious about creating content for it.

Business Insider is reporting that Magic Leap has acquired Texas-based FuzzyCube Software, a mobile developer that’s worked on apps such as Temple Run 2 and Epic Loot. The report claims that the developer was already connected to the company’s Chief Creative Officer, Graeme Devine, who collaborated with them when working at Apple’s gaming division, which he left in 2010. No financial details have been revealed and Magic Leap itself declined to confirm to supposed acquisition.

Business Insider claims the acquisition was made in an effort to boost content creation for Magic Leap. We’ve already seen the studio closely align itself with the gaming industry, hosting a talk at the DICE developer’s conference earlier this year. It’s also partnered with ILMxLAB to bring Star Wars content to its headset.

This is the second unconfirmed acquisition we’ve heard about from Magic Leap this year, the first being the purchase of 3D scanning technology from Dacuda, which was developing face scanning and mapping platforms. But these aren’t the only companies Magic Leap is reportedly interested in.

The report goes on to claim that the team also looked into buying award-winning animation studio, Moonbot Studios, though talks apparently fell through. Instead, Magic Leap has reportedly hired many individual members of that team.

But software isn’t really the biggest question surrounding Magic Leap right now, as we still know very little about the hardware. As Microsoft continues to push on with its HoloLens developer kit, we’re increasingly interested to see what Magic Leap can do to compete. Will we finally found out in 2017?

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