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Apple Reportedly Plans Easy To Use Tools For Making AR Apps

Apple Reportedly Plans Easy To Use Tools For Making AR Apps

According to a new report from The Information, Apple is developing software for its upcoming mixed reality headset that would let consumers and professionals build AR apps and experiences.

This new set of tools would allow Apple headset owners to build AR apps that can be made available to others via the App Store. The report indicates that the tools will be “aimed partly at software developers” but that Apple hopes even those without any knowledge of programming will be able to use the tools to create AR experiences:

“The tool, for example, could allow users to build an app with virtual animals moving around a room and over or around real-life objects without the need to design the animal from scratch and calculate its movement in a 3D space with obstacles.”

The report draws a comparison to Final Cut Pro, which is used for video editing by both consumers and professionals alike. According to The Information, the AR development tools would make use of technology from Fabric Software, which Apple purchased via a previously unreported acquisition in 2017.

According to recent reports and supply chain analysis, Apple plans to reveal and launch its mixed reality headset later this year, alongside a hefty reported price tag of $3000. A week ago, a report from Bloomberg indicated that a combination of eye tracking and finger pinches would drive the headset’s core interaction mechanism. It also looks like Apple is already planning a cheaper headset for 2024 or later, while shelving plans to release a pair of standalone AR glasses indefinitely.

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