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Remote Display Beta For PC & Mac Spotted In Quest Home

Remote Display Beta For PC & Mac Spotted In Quest Home

Meta appears to be testing a new Remote Display app for Quest headsets that brings a Mac or PC into Quest Home.

We asked for this exact feature in an editorial last week and Meta’s VP in charge of VR confirmed that “PC streaming” was among the features the company is working on. It appears the rollout may be sooner rather than later, with a Facebook post showing the functionality, though it might be some time before headset owners see it as Meta often tests features as a limited beta release before broader roll-out.

Meta has offered a Horizon Workrooms app for virtual meetings since last year with a Remote Desktop app for streaming your Mac or PC to Quest 2. While the app offers things like spatial audio for multi-user meetings alongside some other innovative features, Workrooms is also an extra download that throws up friction between your VR headset and quickly accessing your PC or Mac in VR. The Remote Display app may be poised to change that.

We’ve reached out to Meta to check on whether Remote Display works on both Quest 2 and Quest Pro. We haven’t seen the app on our headsets yet and we’ll be curious to test the feature and see how it works with Meta’s existing multitasking support. A listing on the Quest store shows the Remote Display (Beta) app from Meta Quest with hand tracking and controller tracking support mentioned. The screenshot, embedded above, shows the computer accessed alongside other windows on Quest. The app’s description says it “is optimized for use with Meta Quest Pro color passthrough.”

Article updated shortly after initial publication with a link to the app’s listing on alongside additional details.

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