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New Red Matter 2 Update Promises 'Console Quality' Upgrades On Quest 3

Red Matter 2 key art

Red Matter 2 received its Quest 3 update promising 'console quality' enhancements for standalone VR.

While Meta's new headset doesn't launch until October 10, Vertical Robot released the Quest 3 update today for Red Matter 2. Changes like increased rendering resolution, 4K textures, and dynamic shadows were outlined previously but the studio's now elaborated further. On Quest 3, Vertical Robot states this update upgrades both the shadow filtering and textures to "console quality."

Further enhancements include anisotropic filtering for enhanced sharpness and mesh LOD improvements to ensure "a more cohesive visual experience." Frame rate adaptability is also supported, dynamically adjusting Red Matter 2 between 72fps and 90fps during combat. Elsewhere, the Quest 2 version now supports dynamic resolution and achievements are also included.

It's a big upgrade for a game we called "the most impressive visual showcase available on Quest 2" in our Red Matter 2 review last year, though Vertical Robot stops short of calling it as good as the PSVR 2 version. The studio states that "we are getting closer than ever" between both platforms, but points out how the PSVR 2 port features native 120fps support and a Bloom pass.

Red Matter 2 is available now on the Meta Quest platform, PC VR and Pico 4.

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