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Red Matter 2 Announced, Coming To Quest 2 In 2022

Red Matter 2 Announced, Coming To Quest 2 In 2022

Red Matter 2 is coming to Quest 2 later this year.

The sequel was announced during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase today. Red Matter 2 will pick up right after the first game’s ending, taking you back to the mysterious planet plagued by horrific anomalies. This time around you’ll be on a rescue mission searching for an old friend and will uncover new secrets about the shady Volgravia organization in the process.

As the reveal trailer below shows, you can expect this to mean plenty of new puzzles and more environmental storytelling.

Red Matter 2 Reveal Trailer

The trailer also showcases a lot of returning elements from the first game. Players will still hold two claws that they use to interact with the world around them, for example. But we also see new action sequences, with the claws turning into guns used to fight enemy drones. In a prepared statement, developer Vertical Robot’s Norman Schaar confirmed that there would be platforming sequences, too.

We were big fans of the first Red Matter, especially on Quest where Vertical Robot managed to maintain a high visual standard. “Red Matter is nothing short of a textbook example of how to do VR adventure games right,” we said in our original review. “It emphasizes design and experience, putting immersion front and center, making a bullet-proof case for why it needs to be seen and played in VR. Short length and some troublesome puzzles betray its winning streak to some degree, but don’t change the fact that this is one sci-fi story you shouldn’t miss out on.”

Currently, there’s no confirmation of PSVR or PC VR versions of the game, but the original Red Matter did release on both of those platforms, too. Will you be checking the game out? Let us know in the comments below!

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