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Rec Room Is Coming To PSVR With Cross-Platform Play

Rec Room Is Coming To PSVR With Cross-Platform Play

Rec Room is widely considered to be one of the best examples of social VR right now. Launched in Early Access on Vive last year and then later arriving on Rift, the game allows friends to meet up online and play different games together. Think of it as a sort of virtual leisure center. Now it’s on its way to PlayStation VR (PSVR) too.

Against Gravity confirmed as much over on Reddit this week. Rec Room will launch on PSVR in Q4 2017. As with the PC version of the game, it will be completely free. Better yet, PSVR owners will be able to play with Rift and Vive owners too.

Rec Room is constantly getting updates in Early Access and has had several major features added since initial launch. Players will be able to compete in games like paintball and disc golf but also go on cooperative quests together and hang out in social spaces.

Interestingly, players won’t need to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus, Sony’s multiplayer service, to get access to Rec Room.

The developer is looking to run a beta for the PSVR version before launch, and you can fill out an application to take part here. Sadly it’s only for North and South America right now, though the team is hoping to add other regions too.

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