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Sniper Elite Dev Considers Zombie Army ‘A Really Good Fit’ For VR

Zombie army

Sniper Elite studio Rebellion Developments tells UploadVR that it considers Zombie Army "a really good fit" for VR.

With Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior releasing in two weeks on Quest, we recently spoke with the developers, Rebellion and Just Add Water, to learn more. In a snippet from an upcoming interview we'll publish soon, UploadVR asked Rebellion's Head of Design, Jordan Woodward, if the studio's ever considered bringing Zombie Army to VR.

Though Woodward couldn't confirm Rebellion's future plans, they believe the series would suit a VR adaptation. "I think it would be a really good fit for the VR platform. Both shooting and zombie games do very well in VR and I think Zombie Army would look pretty great," Woodward replied.

For the unfamiliar, Zombie Army is a spinoff that first appeared in 2013 shortly after Sniper Elite V2. Using similar gameplay, Germany becomes overrun with zombies after Adolf Hitler deploys a desperate plan to revive the dead through occult rituals. That soon became its own trilogy, later followed by Zombie Army 4: Dead War in 2020.

In the meantime, Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior reaches the Meta Quest platform on November 30. Keep an eye out for our exclusive interview alongside gameplay footage on UploadVR.


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