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Ready Player One's Oasis Beta Launches On Oculus Rift

Ready Player One's Oasis Beta Launches On Oculus Rift

If you’ve been waiting for Vive Studios’ Ready Player One content to make the jump from Viveport to Steam we’ve got good news for you.

The Oasis Beta, which launched alongside the Steven Spielberg blockbuster late last month, is now available on Valve’s storefront for free. Better yet, the app comes with native Oculus Rift and Windows VR support alongside the obvious HTC Vive integration. It doesn’t appear to be available on the Oculus Store itself just yet, though Vive Studios games do often make the journey over (Kingdom of Blades launched on Oculus Home last week, for example). We’ve reached out to HTC to ask after further release plans, including a possible PSVR port.

For now, the Oasis Beta consists of four experiences. There’s the hub world, named after the fictional metaverse seen in both the movie and the Ernest Cline novel it’s based on, as well as three games to jump into, each developed by a well-known VR studio. Directive Games is behind dungeon crawler, Planet Gauntlet, Steel Wool Studios created wave shooter, Battle for the Oasis, and Drifter Entertainment developed another shooter named Rise of the Gunters.

You can expect more content to arrive on the Oasis Beta over time and you can also check out Ready Player One content that launched on Sansar last week.

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