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Ready Player One Content Hits Sansar For Viveport Launch

Ready Player One Content Hits Sansar For Viveport Launch

Yet more ways to experience the world of Ready Player One in VR arrived this week through social VR platform, Sansar.

The app, developed by Second Life creator Linden Lab, recently launched on HTC’s digital storefront for VR content, Viveport. To celebrate, a host of content tying into Steven Speilberg’s latest blockbuster (and the Ernest Cline novel it’s based on) has joined the platform. Friends can meet up to explore Aech’s Basement, which joins the Aech’s Garage environment already included in the app. You can explore the space, uncovering a range of 80s pop culture references (a pretty giant one features in the image above). Lena Waithe voices Aech.

The experience is completely free to jump into. It’s not a game so much as something to immerse yourself in and uncover with friends.

Sansar’s Ready Player One content is just one part of a wider rollout of VR experiences tying into the film. Also now on Viveport is the Oasis beta, a hub would mimicking the virtual metaverse seen in the film that can be used to access several other games.


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