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OC5: Ready At Dawn, Insomniac And More Are Experimenting With Oculus Quest

OC5: Ready At Dawn, Insomniac And More Are Experimenting With Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest, Facebook’s new standalone VR headset, is promising over 50 games for launch next year, and a list of developers shown at this week’s Oculus Connect conference gives us some idea of what’s on the way.

Hugo Barra, Facebook’s VP of VR, revealed a look at a handful of developers that have been experimenting with Quest and its six-degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking over the past year. On-screen behind Barra was a list (seen above) that included Lone Echo (and Lone Echo II!) developer Ready at Dawn Studios, Rock Band VR creator Harmonix, and Dragon Front studio High Voltage Software.

There were also some developers with already-confirmed Quest games, like the Superhot team and Polyarc, the developer of Moss. Other VR staples include Arizona Sunshine‘s Vertigo Games, Sprint Vector‘s Survios, and Wilson’s Heart‘s Twisted Pixel.

Note that this doesn’t necessarily confirm these developers will definitely have Quest games ready for launch. Barra described these team’s work as “exploring what’s possible and what they can build on Oculus Quest.” Still, practically every developer on the list has at least one Rift, Go or Gear game that we’d love to see ported to Quest (Echo VR please), so we’ll keep a close eye on them.

Barra’s words also led into a video that revealed yet more developers that have been playing around with the device, including Insomniac, the studio behind the upcoming Stormland (or, for most people, those guys that just made that great Spider-Man game) and Tender Claws, the makers of the ever-excellent Virtual-Virtual Reality.

Quest is arriving in spring 2019 for $399. Expect full impressions of our hands-on time later today.


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