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RC Airplane Challenge Comes To Quest, PSVR Next Week

RC Airplane Challenge Comes To Quest, PSVR Next Week

Another VR flight game soars onto Meta Quest (previously Oculus Quest) and PSVR next week. This time it’s RC Airplane Challenge.

The game, which is developed by Honor and Duty studio, Strange Games, launches on both headsets on December 21. It’ll arrive on the PlayStation Store for PSVR and App Lab for Quest. It’s also been available in early access on SteamVR since February 2021. Check out the latest look at the game below.

As the name suggests, RC Airplane Challenge has you steering miniature craft in online and offline battles and challenges. You won’t be piloting authentic vehicles from a cockpit but instead steering craft from a third-person perspective. VR support is optional in the PC version of the game, too.

Single-player has several key modes including ring races, time trials and dropping bombs on targets. When it comes to online modes, there’s team-based dogfighting, a race to pop enemy balloons first, or destroying enemy bases. Combat sees you triggering special attacks like the EMP Blast seen above as you try and get the upper hand on opponents.

RC Airplane Challenge is one of several VR flight games to keep an eye on right now. The SimplePlanes franchise also just came to PC VR and Quest, and we recently took a look at upcoming arcade flight sim, Ultrawings 2.

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