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Raptor AR Smartglasses Give Cyclists Essential Stats While On The Road

Raptor AR Smartglasses Give Cyclists Essential Stats While On The Road

While VR is letting cyclists explore the world from the comfort of their homes, this new set of AR glasses could provide huge benefits for those that still venture outside.

Israel-based Everysight today announced Raptor, a new set of glasses designed specifically for cyclists. It reminds us a little of Google’s Glass project, or the upcoming CastAR. While out on a ride, users will have stats like turn-by-turn navigation, time, distance, speed, heart rate, cadence and power displayed in front of them. These are all stats that you could get with a smartphone app, but Raptor allows riders to keep their eyes on the road at all times.

The video below has testimonies from real riders that have used the product. It highlights some of the keep benefits of the device, like enhancing road safety.

The display, which appears a little like the information on a car dashboard, can be controlled either by a device mounted to a bike’s handlebar, through voice commands, or using an on-board touchpad. Footage of rides is also captured with a camera that can be watched back and shared with others. It wouldn’t be a fitness wearable without a companion app to upload stats to, and Everyglass will release one of these for iOS and Android.

Everysight declined to provide UploadVR with a final battery life, but did note that it was aiming to let users go on 100-mile rides without the need to charge.

Ahead of a consumer launch, Everysight is preparing a free test pilot program for Raptor. It’s set to run through three months in 2017. Those interested can apply for a spot in the program through an official website. Getting in will also provide you a spot in line to purchase the final consumer product. Everysight hasn’t revealed an official release date or price for the product just yet.

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