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Rainbow Reactor: Fusion Announced For Quest And PC VR

Rainbow Reactor: Fusion Announced For Quest And PC VR

Puzzle Bobble isn’t the only color-matching puzzle game on the way to VR headsets soon. Rainbow Reactor: Fusion is also coming to Quest and PC headsets.

Fusion is developed by Tunermaxx and a follow-up to 2019’s Rainbow Reactor. In the game, you throw blobs of paint onto a grid to match up colors, trying to build sets of three. Combine blobs to make new colors and link up sets to increase your score – it’s a very familiar concept given a fresh twist in VR. Check it out in the trailer below.

It’s not a sequel as such, as the core of the game remains the same, but there are added features to this new version. For example, completely new to Fusion is a single-player campaign with a story. Between missions, you’ll be tasked with cleaning up an abandoned factory that produces rainbow energy. You’ll unlock new areas to scrub up as you go and face new types of puzzles and challenges. There’s also the classic arcade mode for those that want the original experience and a customizable single shift mode.

Finally, there’s a local party mode. Here players can swap the headset round to compete for high scores.

There’s no date for Rainbow Reactor: Fusion just yet but, if you’ve got an itch that needs scratching, Survios is releasing a VR version of Puzzle Bobble on Quest next month, too.

The game will release on the official Oculus Quest store as well as SteamVR, where it’s already up for wishlisting.

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