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QuestZDoom Receives Update, Includes Isabelle From Animal Crossing

QuestZDoom Receives Update, Includes Isabelle From Animal Crossing

QuestZDoom released last month and gives Oculus Quest users a way to play classic Doom games and mods in full 6DoF VR. Now, a new update is available for QuestZDoom, which adds some minor features and bug fixes, while also bringing a new companion to the game — Isabelle from Animal Crossing.

Yes, really.

Announced on Reddit, the update is mostly minor changes including compatibility for more mods that require a later version of GZDoom (the engine on which the mod runs) and a change to player movement that makes it more consistent with other VR games. You can read the full patch notes here.

While not strictly part of the update itself, the announcement also came with a bonus surprise — the launcher will soon have a new option to install a mod that adds an ‘Isabelle companion’. The mod, initially available for flatscreen Doom, adds Isabelle from Animal Crossing as a 2D companion in-game.

While it’s unlikely anyone would complain about Isabelle joining you in Doom for no reason, the mod is actually referencing a series of jokes from earlier in the year. Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal both released on March 20, which led to people joking about Doomguy and Isabelle becoming best friends. Even the official game accounts got in on it, and then there was this amazing fan-made video that sees them team up to kill some demons.

Now, with the Isabelle companion mod, we’re all a little bit closer to living out that video in VR. You can watch some footage of the mod running on 2D Doom here — QuestZDoom will be updated to include VR support for the mod in the near future.

If you want to know how to install and play QuestZDoom on your Oculus Quest, check out our guide here.

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