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Quest Can Now Update Games During Shutdown, Pro Gets Support For WiFi 6E

Quest Can Now Update Games During Shutdown, Pro Gets Support For WiFi 6E

Meta's latest v53 update for Quest VR headsets includes a number of big updates.

The update moves previously experimental advanced camera settings into full release, offering easy-to-find options for better recording quality or image stabilization. Meta notes there are tradeoffs to consider with the various options, with image stabilization, for example, decreasing the field of view in recorded videos. Videos recording now allso capture stereo audio into of mono.

The update also adds a toggle to "update before powering off" that could dramatically speed up future visits to VR by getting you the latest version of the games you play.

"This will help minimize the number of app updates that you have to complete the next time you want to jump into VR," the Meta post explains. "If you do not want to update your apps before the device is shutdown, you can opt out in the power off dialog."

Meta Quest Pro now also supports WiFi 6E, so headset owners with Wi-Fi networks using the 6 GHz band can now take advantage of it. Virtual Desktop's creator Guy Godin, who separately just released a major update for the app, confirmed to UploadVR that his remote streaming app on Quest Pro can also take advantage of WiFi 6E now.

"Quest Pro users can now use the 6 GHz band (if they have a router that supports 6 GHz) to reduce hiccups due to traffic congestion on the 5 GHz band," he wrote to UploadVR.

The v53 update also includes some other changes, including "new supervision tools for parents and teens" that extend to browser content filtering.

I contacted Meta to ask again about compatibility for Quest Pro with the D-Link VR Air Bridge accessory released last year, and we will update this post if we hear back.

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