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Meta Says It Reduced Quest Pro Controllers Startup Time

Meta Says It Reduced Quest Pro Controllers Startup Time

Meta claims update v50 reduces the time Touch Pro controllers take initialize tracking.

The Touch Pro controllers track themselves via three cameras and a relatively powerful onboard chipset. This means tracking works at any angle regardless of where the headset is facing, but there is a major downside. Since their tracking is completely independent of the headset, when you pick them up it takes a few seconds for their coordinate space to be synchronized to the headset – as we noted in our Quest Pro review. The controllers do move in this time, but are misaligned from the correct position.

With the Quest v50 update, Meta says it “reduced the amount of time it takes for tracking to initialize on the Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers. In other words, your controllers will be quicker to respond when you first put on your headset”.

It’s not actually entirely clear whether this refers to the synchronization time or the actual start-up time. We’ll be testing this ourselves when our headsets get version 50.

Touch Pro also works with Quest 2, so this change should also apply to it when v50 actually rolls out.

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