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Until You Fall, Phantom And More Make Over $1 Million On Quest

Until You Fall, Phantom And More Make Over $1 Million On Quest

More VR developers are coming forward to confirm they’ve made over $1 million in revenue on the Oculus Quest platform.

Yesterday, Facebook confirmed that over 60 titles had passed that milestone. At the same time, the company confirmed a few games like Onward and Population: One were included in that list and other studios like Resolution Games have revealed that their own titles made the cut too.

Since then, many more studios have come forward with their successful apps. Among them are:

Hrafn Thorisson, CEO and co-founder at Aldin, confirmed that January 2021 sales were Waltz’s biggest ever, achieving four times more copies sold than the previous January. Kluge, meanwhile, confirmed that since the launch of the Oculus Quest 2 in October 2020, Synth Riders has more than tripled its active player base and increased its revenue by nine times year-over-year.

This week Facebook also launched App Lab, a new means of accessing experimental Quest games and experiences without needing to sideload, and started integrating Facebook Messenger support into the standalone headset.

The company hasn’t revealed sale stats for the headset itself but, clearly, Quest 2 is making a meaningful impact on VR developers. Coming up, we know that arena shooter Hyper Dash will hit the headset this month, and The Climb 2 is on the way to the platform too.


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