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Quest Day Gave Away This Awesome Beat Saber Christmas Sweater, But Most Of Us Can't Have It

Quest Day Gave Away This Awesome Beat Saber Christmas Sweater, But Most Of Us Can't Have It

A lucky few will have got their hands on an awesome Beat Saber Christmas Sweater during Meta’s Quest Day event earlier on, but most of us will have missed out.

Hosted over the course of a few hours, Quest Day was essentially a viral marketing campaign for the Meta Quest platform. A fictional engineer named Dr. 6DOF showcased ridiculous, equally-fictional Quest peripherals every half an hour, with a limited giveaway launching for themed merchandise inspired by said inventions at the same time.

So, for example, Dr. 6DOF teased a ‘connected oven’ called a ‘Quest-O-Wave’, but ended up giving away a cookie-cutter kit with Quest-themed shapes. Or a ‘Quest Treat Flinger’ fired plastic balls to grab a pet’s attention whilst Meta gave away a real ‘Pet Distractor Mat’.

One showcase, meanwhile was for a set of Beat Saber string lights that would blink to the beat of the game itself (which actually does sound pretty great). The giveaway, meanwhile, was for a Beat Saber-themed Christmas sweater, which you can see below.

Quest Day Beat Saber Christmas Sweater

Pretty cool, right? And I bet a lot of fans out there would happily throw their hat into the ring to win one, or even buy one were it to appear in an online store.

But, as with the rest of the Quest Day giveaways, all of the available sweaters were snapped up pretty much instantly. Every tweet promoting a giveaway features a series of replies from fans that weren’t able to get their own, noting that stock appeared to last mere seconds. Not to mention that giveaways were only made available to residents in the US, and not other territories.

We asked Meta if these items might find their way back to availability, to which the company said it would listen to feedback as it decided if there would be another Quest Day event in the future. For now, though, it seems like these items are destined for a lucky few only.

Did you manage to snag anything from Quest Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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