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New Quest Controller Charging Station Launches Kickstarter Campaign

New Quest Controller Charging Station Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Back in January, we wrote about the reveal of a new charging station for your Oculus Quest controllers. Now its creators have turned to Kickstarter to get the kit made.

ONG Innovations is looking to raise $38,597 on the platform by April 6 to get the kit made. The company says the kit’s design stemmed from its own need for a fast charging solution for Quest controllers based on work with VR arcades.

Quest Charging Station Kickstarter

This Quest Controller charging station is unique in that it comes with new faceplates for your controllers themselves. Two rechargeable batteries are fitted inside your Quest and the new faceplate leaves space to plug them into the small stand. As you’d probably guessed, this also works for your Rift S controllers, as they’re identical.

It looks like a pretty simple solution, though we’d till like to try it for ourselves to see how it effects overall design and battery performance.

The charger is coming in three editions. A low cost solution without the dock is currently going for an Early Bird price of $29 for the first 100 bidders. The complete kit with chargers and dock is available for $79. Finally, a $99 pro version comes with a mount for your Quest (although it doesn’t charge it). There’s also a VR Arcade tier with eight kits, going for $650.

ONG Innovations expects the low end version of the kit to start shipping the device in June, should the Kickstarter work out. The pro model will follow in August. Interested in adding more bits and bobs to your Quest setup? Take a look at our review of the VR Power battery, which extends your Quest playtime and acts as a counterweight.

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