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QuasAR Arena Is Laser Tag For Augmented Reality

QuasAR Arena Is Laser Tag For Augmented Reality

Forget VR wave shooting; this AR game will let you play laser tag pretty much wherever you want.

AR developer HappyGiant, which previous worked on the Star Wars-style HoloGrid game, this month revealed QuasAR Arena, a multiplayer smartphone game that allows two players to face off in virtual battles in the real world.

Developed in partnership with Jido Maps, the game uses a new technology created by the latter company that allows players to quickly sync up their phones for AR combat without the need to scan their surroundings. While passersby might see two people just running around with their phones looking like they want to kill each other, players will be able to fire projectiles through their devices and summon shields to block incoming attacks. It looks like a goofy bit of fun, as the trailer above shows.

Still, as much as we’d like to shoot our friends, we can’t help but question how many people are willing to run around an open space with their smartphone out looking like they’re fighting thin air. Still, if you have no shame, then the world is now your battleground. Imagine this concept applied to some of our favorite franchises, like wizard duelling in Harry Potter, for blaster-based shoot outs in Star Wars. Now that’s exciting.

The app is currently in beta testing, though will launch for free on iOS soon. Going forward, the studio plans to add four player support and new modes. We’d hope that an Android version is on the cards, too.


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