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Quark VR Shows Its Wireless Vive Streaming

Quark VR Shows Its Wireless Vive Streaming

All the way back in August last year we reported that Bulgaria-based Quark VR was working on a wireless prototype for the HTC Vive with some help from SteamVR creator Valve. At the time is was hard to believe but since then we’ve seen a flood of wireless adapters announced. Now, Quark is finally ready to reveal its own take on the tech.

The company today posted the below video of its CEO and co-founder Krasi Nikolov using the kit, which connects to a single board computer, much like other solutions we’ve seen. This allows for what Quark claims There’s also a portable battery that allows for up to two hours of gameplay. Both are stored on the user’s waist right now, but the company says this is only a temporary situation.

It’s very much a prototype right now, but Quark thinks the prototype is good enough to show off. We’ll have to wait until we get hands-on with it to decide if it’s an effective low latency solution; these devices can add noticeable delay on top of the pre-existing lag in a headset.

Perhaps more importantly Quark VR told UploadVR that it’s soon going to demo its tech running wireless multiplayer experiences across different headsets. In fact the company calls this the tech’s “biggest advantage”, supporting more than one device whereas some solutions like TPCast’s wireless adapter only support the HTC Vive. The Oculus Rift isn’t mentioned by name, but we’d certainly like to see Quark get a wireless solution up and running on the kit.

Currently we’ve gone hands on with multiple wireless devices, but TPCasts remains the one to beat. That’s set to ship out to consumers in the not too distant future, so seeing how Quark VR will contend with these units will be very interesting.

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