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Smash Bros-Like VR Brawler Quantaar Coming To Quest, Pico & PC VR Next Month

Smash Bros-Like VR Brawler Quantaar Coming To Quest, Pico & PC VR Next Month

Quantaar, the Smash Bros-like VR party brawler game, will release next month for Quest 2, Pico 4 and PC VR.

Quantaar sees you assume the role of a floating avatar above a 3D arena and go head-to-head with other players in third-person brawler fights. It will be available from June 7, with support for cross-platform PvP multiplayer.

There will be multiple heroes to choose across class-based roles such as Fighter, Assassin, Generalist and Shooter. Heroes can be enhanced with 'Cores' and competing across the different games will earn in-game tokens, which can be used on new heroes, cosmetic hero skins and avatar costumes:

As players immerse themselves further in the Quantaarverse, they’ll quickly memorize class attributes, learn to outfit their heroes’ four Core slots wisely, and balance their teams to maintain a consistent edge in battle. Expertly time hero ultimate abilities and grow to master each of the game’s modes to reign supreme on the ranking each season.

Quantaar will feature three main game modes at launch – Brawler, 2v2 and Soccer – across multiple arenas.

Developers Pumpkin VR hosted a pre-alpha for Quantaar on PC VR almost two years ago, but the concept and early development work have been around for even longer. After an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign and a pivot away from an arcade-focus in 2020, Quantaar will release in full next month for PC VR and standalone systems.

The developers indicate that "multiple modes and plenty of seasons" are in store for Quantaar post-launch. You can check out the release date trailer embedded above.

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