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Quantaar Is A Smash Bros-Like VR Fighter, Pre-Alpha This Weekend

Quantaar Is A Smash Bros-Like VR Fighter, Pre-Alpha This Weekend

There’s a chance to play Smash Bros-like VR fighter, Quantaar, this weekend.

The third-person fighting game from Pumpkin VR will be getting a pre-alpha testing period starting on Saturday, August 28. You can sign up to take part on the game’s official Discord channel.

In Quantaar, players assume the role of floating avatars hovering above a 3D arena. They select a fighter to control and then bring them into combat, aiming to knock opponents out of the arena. As you play you can unlock new fighters and there are other minigame types for those that aren’t into the fighting, too.

We spoke to Pumpkin VR a little earlier in the year about its hopes for Quantaar. The studio ended up canceling a Kickstarter campaign that didn’t look like it was going to hit its $10,000 goal, but it seems development is progressing all the same. It originally started out as a project for VR arcades, but Pumpkin redirected its focus at the turn of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want to create something classic in VR like how League of Legends kicked off 10 years ago,” the team’s Peter Liou tolds us. “To reach the goal, we’ve been endeavoring to craft a game with longevity and scalability that we’d love to stick around and grow with as a gamer.”

The studio is hoping to launch the game in full on PC VR headsets in early 2022. A Steam listing is already available. Will you be checking the game out? Let us know in the comments below!

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