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Quake VR Mod Update Adds Half-Life: Alyx-Style Gravity Gloves And More

Quake VR Mod Update Adds Half-Life: Alyx-Style Gravity Gloves And More

Vittorio Romeo’s excellent Quake VR mod is one of the first games we’ve seen to take direct inspiration from the recent launch of Half-Life: Alyx.

Appearing in the v0.0.4 update — which is out now — is a Gravity Glove-style system that allows you to reach out to select items, flick your wrist back and catch them in your hand. From the looks of the system, seen in the trailer below, it works just like it did in Alyx. We loved the implementation there, so we’ll be eager to see how it feels in a classic game.

Of course, that’s far from all 0.0.4 brings. The developer has also added support for dual-wielding weapons, so you can hack away at goons with two melee items, or target two enemies at once with firearms. Plus weapons and items can now be tossed at foes when you don’t want them anymore. Heftier additions to your arsenal like rifles and shotguns, meanwhile, can now be gripped with two hands instead of just one.

Elsewhere there’s now a grappling hook to zip through levels with (which looks especially vomit-inducing), new weapons to wield and, quite importantly, support for Quake’s first mission pack, Scourge of Armagon. So even if you’ve torn through the entire original game already, there’s reason to jump back in here.

Finally, on the note of comfort, the developer added teleportation locomotion, which should make things a little more palatable for the more nausea-inclined among us.

We were really impressed with this take on Quake VR when we tried it earlier this year, and now it looks even better than it was before. You can download the mod from here though, of course, you’ll need to own Quake itself to play it.

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