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Quake 3 Arena VR Is The Latest Team Beef Quest Port, Open Beta Now On

Quake 3 Arena VR Is The Latest Team Beef Quest Port, Open Beta Now On

Team Beef is back with its last Quest mod, this time for Quake 3 Arena in VR.

Quake3Quest is currently in open beta, and allows you to access both online and single-player portions of the competitive arena shooter. First released in 1999, Arena was the first game in the series to ditch a single-player campaign (solo modes are simply against bots). It offers incredibly fast-paced combat with chunky weaponry and pickups.

As with other mods from the team, you can expect full motion control support and uncompromising smooth locomotion, making this one of the faster VR experiences out there. Check out some gameplay from a recent stress test below.

Quake 3 Arena VR Goes Into Open Beta

You can sign up to Team Beef’s Discord to try the open beta for yourself. You’ll obviously need to own the game on PC as with other Team Beef ports, and be aware there are six servers available – three for the EU, three for the US. Full instructions on how to get the mod up and running can be found here.

Team Beef has become well-known in the Quest community for its excellent work porting 90’s era shooters to the standalone headset. You can already play Half-Life and all of its expansions as well as other Quake and Doom games. Almost a year ago now we spoke to team leader DrBeef about his journey into the world of VR modding.

There are also other ways to play Quake in VR, of course, including this rather excellent PC VR mod for the first game in the series.

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