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Puppet Fever Is A Promising VR Game Mixing Charades And Theater

Puppet Fever Is A Promising VR Game Mixing Charades And Theater

We’re still patiently waiting on the full release of the hugely promising Mindshow, but Puppet Fever looks like it could tide us over quite nicely in the meantime.

Announced today, Puppet Fever is the first VR project from Coastalbyte, and is being published by Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain. Along with the puppeteering of Mindshow, it looks like it draws inspiration from local multiplayer games like Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes in that one player uses a VR headset while others remain in the real world.

The VR user is given a word that only they can see. Using a pair of motion controllers they’re able to pick up various pictures around them, representing people and objects, to act out sequences that will help other players guess the right words. If you had the word ‘party’, for example, you might make a bunch of people start dancing.

It’s a simple concept but one that could be quite engaging in VR. Coastalbyte is aiming to have the game out in Q4 of this year of various headsets. None of those have been named just yet, but the Oculus Rift is being used in the multiplayer trailer above.

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