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PSVR's The Persistence Shows Off Couch Co-Op In New Trailer

PSVR's The Persistence Shows Off Couch Co-Op In New Trailer

One of the most anticipated PSVR games of the year, The Persistence, is just over a week away from release, but we still haven’t seen much of one of its biggest features – co-op. This new trailer, however, tells us a little bit more.

The Persistence doesn’t have traditional four-player co-op. Instead, its multiplayer looks a little closer to something like Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes; one player puts on the VR headset while three others grab a smartphone or tablet and download a companion app called Solex. They can use this app to see a view of the player’s world, complete with points of interest like items and enemies.

It’s up to non-VR players what they then do with this information. You could choose to help; highlighting health kits, opening doors or freezing enemies. Or, if you’re in a particularly mean mood, you could instead turn off lights and even lead the bad guys right to an unsuspecting player. We’ll be very interested to learn what motivates players to act either way.

If you’re not a fan of multiplayer don’t worry; the entire game can be played on your own, and that way there’s no need to worry about unexpected surprises. The Persistence looks a little like Dead Space in VR, with players creeping around a ship overridden with zombies, using tools to defeat them. We’re really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

The game launches as a PSVR exclusive on July 24th.

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