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You'll Soon Be Able To Import PSVR's Summer Lesson

You'll Soon Be Able To Import PSVR's Summer Lesson

One of PlayStation VR’s (PSVR’s) more curious games never came west. Summer Lesson from Bandai Namco was one of the first games Sony’s Japanese division debuted for the headset, but it never released in Europe or the USA despite getting demonstrations at industry events. If you’re desperate to play it, though, you’ll soon have a chance.

Summer Lesson is getting a physical English language release, just not in the west. The game is coming to Southeast Asia on April 27th, Japanese videogame news site Gematsu reports. The new edition of the game will include all of the new DLC that’s released since it launched last year such as new content that sees players take their mentored student our for some exercise in the summer air. Check it out in a trailer below.

There’s still no word on a full western release, then, but you could at least import it if you were really keen to see it. PS4 isn’t region-locked, after all, so the disc should work inside your console.

The game is something of a mystery to many of us over in the west. While it’s not as blatantly creepy as something like the PSVR support for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, there is something a little off putting about spending all your time with a Japanese school girl. That said, Summer Lesson looks like it does some interesting work with character interactions in VR and how you communicate with NPCs, which we’d be very interested to see.

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