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CES 2020: PSVR Sales Surpass 5 Million Units, PS5 Logo Revealed

CES 2020: PSVR Sales Surpass 5 Million Units, PS5 Logo Revealed

Sony just kicked off its CES 2020 press conference with an update on PSVR sales. The headset has now surpassed over five million units sold.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) President and CEO Jim Ryan confirmed as much on-stage (livestream here). This is the first update on PSVR sales we’ve had in a while; last March Sony said the kit had reached 4.2 million units sold. If Ryan’s comments are on track, that means the kit sold 0.8 million units in the past eight months.

Other major VR headset makers don’t reveal sales stats, so we can’t say for sure if this figure beats the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, let alone Oculus Quest or Valve Index, but given PSVR’s popularity there’s a very, very good chance it does.

PSVR Sales Update 2

Ryan also confirmed that PS4 itself had now reached 106 million units sold, with 1.15 billion PS4 games sold, 103 million monthly active users and 38.8 million PS Plsu subscribers. All-in-all everything seems pretty rosy in Sony land, then.

But that wasn’t quite it; Sony did also reveal the official logo for its next console, the PS5. It looks, like you might expect, like the PS3 and PS4 logos… with a 5 at the end. No change of getting a V on this one, then.

PS5 Logo

Sadly that’s about all the new information we learned on the PS5 front. The console is coming to market during the holiday 2020 period. We know that it will support the original PSVR headset and be backwards compatible with PS4 content. But we’re still waiting to see what Sony’s plans are for a potential PSVR2. We do know at the very least that such a device probably won’t launch alongside PS5 this year.

What do you think of the latest PSVR sales update? Did the PS5 logo somehow move you in any certain way (really)? Let us know in the comments below!

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