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PSVR Has Now Sold Over Two Million Units And 12.2 Million PSVR Games

PSVR Has Now Sold Over Two Million Units And 12.2 Million PSVR Games

Just ahead of this week’s PlayStation Experience, Sony has given us an update on PlayStation VR (PSVR) sales, confirming that two million units have been sold.

Sony today announced that this milestone had been surpassed as of December 3rd 2017, so this number takes into account all the units sold during last month’s Black Friday deals, which saw as much as $100 cut off the headset in various bundles. Sony last confirmed that PSVR had sold a million units around halfway through the year, so it hasn’t taken long for the headset to double its install base.

The company also announced that more than 12.2 million VR games have been sold on PSVR to date spread across both retail outlets and Sony’s own PlayStation digital store. Over 150 titles have released on PSVR thus far. A new version of the PSVR headset with minor revisions hit the US last month.

It seems to be positive news for PSVR, especially as it’s still unconfirmed if the headset’s current rivals, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive has surpassed even one million units sold having been on the market for roughly six months longer. Next week Sony is again hosting a sale for the headset, where it will be as cheap as $199 with everything you need to get started bar a PS4 itself. We’re anticipating big new games being announced that PSX this weekend, too.

Elsewhere, the company confirmed that it has now sold over 70 million PS4 systems, including both the standard model and the enhanced PS4 Pro, which was released late last year.


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