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PSVR Exclusive Humanity Now Coming In 2021

PSVR Exclusive Humanity Now Coming In 2021

It’s been a hard year for Humanity. No, not that Humanity (forgive the pun but it really can’t be helped). I mean the upcoming PSVR game from Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect developer, Enhance Games and THA. The title is now coming in 2021.

A tweet from the game’s official Twitter account confirmed as much just ahead of Christmas. “2020 took an unexpected turn for Humanity,” the message reads. “But 2021 is our year.” A short video seen below shows the game’s crowds of tiny people shifting from a 2020 message to 2021.

Humanity Arrives In 2021

We haven’t heard much from Humanity throughout 2020 after the game was first announced in 2019. Back then an ambiguous trailer showed us scores of people colliding with each other as they navigated levels, occasionally fighting other crowds, occasionally overcoming obstacles. What you actually do and how you play, though, remains pretty much anyone’s guess. Check out the trailer below for some hints.

Still, we’re excited. The game has optional PSVR support and looks like a technical achievement. The developer didn’t give any word on a possible PS5 release but, even if that’s happening, we all know we’d need to play the PS4 version to access the VR support.

A reason for the delay wasn’t given, although Enhance has also been working on ports of Tetris Effect in 2020 and, you know, had to contend with the pandemic like the rest of us.


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