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PSVR Demo Collection 3 Doesn't Include Any New Games

PSVR Demo Collection 3 Doesn't Include Any New Games

Good news: PSVR Demo Collection 3 is real! Bad news: it doesn’t include much that’s new.

Yesterday we reported on a rumor that a third demo compilation was in the works for Sony’s headset. It’s since launched on the PlayStation Store and is free to download. If you’ve already played the previous two compilations, though, there’s not much new to see here.

To be frank, the third compilation is almost entirely curated from the previous two. Demos include Headmaster, Resident Evil 7 biohazard Teaser Demo: The Kitchen, Job Simulator, Moss, The Persistence, Thumper and Battlezone. Only Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Superhot VR are the genuinely new demos. Chances are if you have a PSVR you’ve already played these too.

These are all great games but it’s a shame there aren’t any 2019 titles to preview in this collection. The second compilation provided early looks at the likes of Moss and Star Child. We would have happily welcomed demos of Blood and Truth and other PSVR games that are being lined up for this year. Plus some of these are a little old now; people can seek out the demo for Battlezone if they really want it. Still, it’s free. Can’t exactly complain, can you?

To be fair to Sony these demos are likely going to be bundled in with newly-bought PSVR headsets. And, for a first-time user, it’s a very decent selection indeed. But also make sure to download the previous collections for a shot at games like Tumble VR (remember that one?) and Fantastic Contraption.

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